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Regii comes from Estonia. She discovered Bikram Yoga 10 years ago in the USA on the island of Key West, where she lived and gave birth to two beautiful daughters. She started practicing Bikram Yoga 3 months after the birth of her first daughter because she wanted to get back in shape. From the very first class she knew it was exactly the right form of exercise for her. She also practiced Bikram Yoga throughout her second pregnancy and after two years of intense practice, she decided to continue on this path, become an instructor and continue to motivate and inspire other moms. After moving to Prague, she started teaching at her current studio at Karolína Světlá, also in Czech. Bikram Yoga gives her strength for everyday life, keeps her body and mind fit. It has taught her discipline and patience.

Every Bikram Yoga posture affects and changes the body. What I like the most is the postures that open and stretch the chest. My favorite position is camel pose. I like the feeling of relaxation after this position.I do not like the bow position on the floor, where the bowels and stomach are massaged and pressure is put on the digestive system in this way. Paradoxically, the postures that we don't like are the most beneficial for our body, which is why it is important not to skip these postures and keep doing them regularly. This is the only way to improve.

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