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revolutionary interval training in the heat

HOT HIIT belongs to the category of high-intensity interval training, which is practiced in moderate heat using the Tabata method.

The intervals when you exercise alternate with rest intervals. Specifically, you exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. And it's the alternation of intervals that makes this HOT HIIT workout such an effective workout. One round always lasts 4 minutes. 

Our 45 min workout is made up of 9 rounds of tabata focused on intense work outs of the glutes, center of the body, legs, arms and cardio. One intense round alternates with a less intense round. Moderate heat replaces the jumps, so the workout is completely safe for the joints.This HOT HIIT workout has a much greater impact on our aerobic and anaerobic systems.
INCREDIBLE results can be achieved in a much shorter period of time than a standard exercise with a moderate intensity load. 

* class lasts 45 minutes in a lightly heated room
* anyone can do the class, it's great fun
* all you need for the class is a mat, water and a towel
* not recommended for children under 13


Exercise Benefits:

* high heart rate
* Afterburn effect, muscle burning (the more muscle burning the harder the body works to recover, burn calories and build lean muscle)
* builds muscles in the buttocks, legs, arms and centre of the body
* builds lean muscles
* body burns faster for up to 24 hours after class
* 60 minute workout burns up to 500 calories


What is the aerobic and anaerobic system?

The aerobic component works with light, low-intensity exertion such as walking, jogging or leisurely cycling.

The anaerobic system is activated when the body is moving at a moderate pace.

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