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You're in the best hands with us.

Do you have any experience with yoga? No problem. Our studios are staffed by a certified team of experienced instructors who will safely guide you through your yoga practice and answer any questions you may have. You've already done the hard part. You've decided to make a change. Leave everything else to us. And to make your start a little more enjoyable, we offer our beginner packages at great prices.


10 days for beginners

Special offer for beginners for 490Kč!

Offer valid for clients who have never practiced Bikram yoga before.

Try Bikram Yoga for 10 consecutive days for a nominal price.

Practice unlimited and learn the basics as soon as possible.

Attend any class on our schedule.

This offer is not transferable to another person.

Please choose your first lesson in Czech - Schedule - HERE!

1st month for beginners

We offer new clients the first month for 1 950 CZK.

This offer can only be purchased during the first 10 days for beginners.

Unlimited exercise for 31 consecutive days.

Attend any class on our schedule.

This offer is not transferable to another person.

Cannot be purchased online, please purchase this promotional product at the front desk of our studios.


Before your first class

How to prepare for the lesson:
The first time, arrive 30 minutes before the start of the lesson.

Download the beginner form, fill it out and bring it to our reception.

Ladies - leggings or shorts, tight fitting tank top or sports bra.

Men - shorts or swimsuit.

Bring 2 towels and a mat (can be rented at the studio), a bottle of still water (available for purchase at the studio) and most importantly positive energy and good spirits!

We recommend not to eat 2-3 hours before the lesson, it is necessary to replenish enough fluids throughout the day! In case of practicing morning lessons, do not go on an empty stomach! We recommend eating something light on your stomach.

Prepare for intense exercise and sweating.

Please choose your first lesson in English - Class Schedule - HERE!

Click here to download the beginner's letter!

Please always arrive at least 5 minutes before your next class.

No one will be allowed to enter the hot room after the lesson has started.

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