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Zuzana H

I love standing on one leg with my forehead at the knee. I'm always improving on it, and even though I hardly fall off it in class, it's still one of the riskiest positions in the championships. You are never sure of it and of course the dream is to keep it hands-free :)

As much as I want to love the standing bow because it's a beautiful position, I find it very frustrating. I fall off it constantly and finding the perfect balance is extremely challenging. It has a lot of details to pay attention to and if I focus on one I usually fall right off :), there is always something to work on.

Zůza is originally from Brno, where she was part of the dance group NO FEET for several years. She was introduced to Bikram yoga by a friend from Brno and they made several trips to Prague together for Bikram lessons :). After an Erasmus stay in Paris, where she practiced regularly, she knew she had found a new love and after returning to the Czech Republic her steps led to Prague.
In Prague she started practicing intensively and soon joined the advanced/Yoga Sport group. There she found exactly what she had been missing in Prague - a great group of people who are passionate about the same thing.

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