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Bikram Yoga Prague owner

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Originally from Moravia, she studied at the English Grammar School in Olomouc and danced on the side. She studied at the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague, majoring in dance pedagogy and at the same time lived in Paris, where she studied contemporary dance, participated in many "contemporary" projects and also performed in the world cabaret Moulin Rouge.

Today, she still teaches, raises her young daughter and together with her team of instructors, she strives to pass on Bikram Yoga as a steady and unchanging form of physical yoga on a global background, despite the diversity of their characters, levels, bodies and mentalities. Indeed, it has been gifting its students - beginners and advanced alike - with its beneficial results for decades.

Standing bow pulling pose has always been my favorite, but it is also my least favorite at the moment. By that I mean that our bodies are constantly changing and that we all like to do what we are good at and don't like to set up a mirror where it's no longer perfect.

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