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She discovered Bikram Yoga in Prague in 2008. Her husband, who practiced yoga during both of her pregnancies, brought her to her first class and has been practicing regularly ever since. From the very beginning, she was captivated by the fact that for 90 minutes her mind was completely clear and free, which was the only time during the entire day. She also felt more energy and less tired at the end of each day than she was used to.

Today, Tamara has, as she says, a yoga-oriented family, where her husband practices regularly and the children already enjoy listening to talks about yoga. She strongly believes that Bikram Yoga is a great way to restore your body and health, as well as a way to gain energy, improve your listening, concentration and determination.

Tamara comes from South America, where she also studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Caracas, Venezuela. She completed further studies in the field of Industrial Management at Harvard University in the USA. Here she also started her professional career at Gillette and also met her future Czech husband.

She built her career in various countries of Latin America and after her marriage she moved permanently to Prague.

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