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sylva 2

However, she loved the first lesson so much that she stayed with her. She completely fell in love with the whole concept - 26 positions and two breathing exercises, the warmth and above all the feeling after the lesson and the complete change of person that BY gave her. After two years of regularly attending yoga, she participated in her first Czech Yoga Sport Championship. In 2016, she was nominated for the world championship at her second Czech championship and then decided to go to Thailand in the fall of the same year to complete Teacher Training directly with Bikram.

Sylvie has been involved in classical ballet since the age of three, after 9 years she decided to leave ballet and started dancing standard and Latin-American dances at a competitive level. When she started college, it was no longer possible to devote herself to dancing fully, so she started looking for a sport that would keep her in shape. «My mother brought me to Bikram Yoga for the first time and I went there just to prove to her that yoga is not for me». 

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