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He first met Bikram yoga in the spring of 2006 in Sydney, Australia, where he was studying Multimedia. He immediately liked this form of hatha yoga and began to practice it regularly. He could no longer imagine life without yoga, so in the fall of the same year, when he was returning to Prague, his first steps led to the newly opened Bikram Yoga Prague studio. After several months of intensive preparation, he was the first to leave the Prague studio for instructor training in Hawaii. Since his return in June 2007, he has been teaching in our Prague studio. Bikram yoga helps him strengthen his back muscles and spine and thus constantly fight against scoliosis. It forces him to discipline and helps him find harmony and balance in life and keep his body in a healthy shape.

The popularity of positions changes over time for me. It is currently in Spinal Rotation position. The final position of the entire series, which aligns the spine for the last time, balances, energizes and activates not only the entire spinal system, but also the abdominal organs and digestion. 

The least favorite position for me has always been and still is the Half Moon position, the first position of the series when my scoliosis back is still very stiff and there is a lot of resistance from the muscles. A position where I always know right from the start how I'm doing and that it simply won't work without yoga.

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