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I like the more advanced positions the best because there are a lot of them and they have several levels of difficulty. I like to improve and move on. I'm naturally good at strength positions, but I've also gained a fair amount of flexibility over the past few years. I love everything upside down and handstands. My favourites from basic Bikram classes are the push-ups and the Triangle.

There is no least favorite position. I enjoy working on what I'm not good at. But it's true that sometimes I would like to skip the stomach positions, I find them boring and slow, but at the same time I know they are the most important ones.

She was very active from a young age and was involved in all available sports. She played chess and the piano competitively. She graduated from the Secondary Medical School, majoring in dental laboratory and the Faculty of Education at UJEP, majoring in Teaching for the 1st grade of elementary school, specializing in Physical Education. During her studies, she became passionate about traveling and stayed in the tourism industry for a few years.

She got into Bikram yoga completely by accident. Over time, she joined the inspiring Yoga Sport group for advanced students and started preparing for her first Czech championship.

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