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Pavlína comes from Mnichovo Hradiště, graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University (major: FJ-ZSV) and teaches French and Czech for foreigners as a self-employed person. She mainly works with adults. She teaches her private clientele, but also at the French Embassy and in companies. In addition, she is in charge of logistics and communication with French winemakers at Dobrá vína.

She started Bikram Yoga in 2016 due to pain in her calves while running.In April 2018 she attended her first yoga training in Antibes and in October 2018 she fulfilled her dream and went to Acapulco for the "Bikram Yoga Teacher Training". "The Bikram classes were incredible! So much energy and commitment at 75 years old!". Upon returning to Prague, she started teaching right away and in retrospect, she considers her decision to go to BYTT as one of the best things she has ever done. She enjoys watching students try, struggle, improve and is happy to be able to support, motivate, praise and hopefully "hold them in position" thanks to her voice.

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