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The former editor-in-chief and moderator of the regional staff of the Nova television station and later spokesperson for the Zlín Regional Police came to Prague from Zlín to work as a spokesperson for the Police of the Czech Republic and the Police President in 2013. She was looking for an exercise that could compensate for the unpleasant stress she was experiencing at work every day. And she discovered Bikram yoga! Although she had always considered yoga to be a lengthy and boring exercise suitable for seniors, but after the first few minutes in the hot room, she understood that this exercise was something else. Jana left the police force after 11 years in 2016 and since then has been doing freelance PR and marketing, which has allowed her to practice more often, among other things. 

Jana has been dancing since she was a little girl, she loved ballet and folk dances, learned flamenco, but also worked as an instructor of Schwinn cycling or power plate exercises. But in Bikram yoga she got for the first time a completely comprehensive routine, after which she felt properly "trained" - her whole body stretched, strengthened, but definitely not tired! Jana loves food, and since her partner is an excellent chef, she also found the Bikram Yoga exercises effective for weight maintenance. There can be no question that knee and lower back pain and other vices have gone away over time.

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