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Lucie T


"I perceive the intensity of exercise very individually, according to my own needs and current disposition ;-). The positions are great and perfectly follow the series as it is designed. However, I can't always say that I love all 26 positions equally :-). The Triangle position is awesome and my lifelong challenge is the Standing Bow, for its beauty and difficulty at the same time.

Try it for yourself and see what you love here :-)".

She started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2006 when she and her best friend decided to "do something for themselves". This combination of physical exertion and "disconnection" from the outside world was something that totally excited her because of its difficulty and precise instructions. So she went from a pro dance career with yoga-compensation to stepping up as a Bikram Yoga certified teacher since 2011 :-) She loves the heat, loves working on herself and conquering and overcoming challenges and her limits. She enjoys seeing this in herself, but it fulfills her even more to see the same, the "shifts" and successes, in her clients. The magic of this "physical" yoga is that even though it is "always the same", it is a little different each time and it is through this specific "practice" that she has the opportunity to grow and more importantly help others grow and "improve" - mentally, physically; and even herself pedagogically. By passing on her own experiences, she continues to see that she is not only growing herself, but that it just works for others too :-)

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