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Kopie Lida posture

She grew up in Slany and did aerobics and judo for several years in primary school, she moved to Prague during her university studies. She has been practicing Bikram yoga since the beginning of 2018 after injuring her shoulder while wakeboarding, and since then yoga has saved her in every pain. Her first class was probably challenging like all newbies, but Bikram Yoga has become an integral part of her life.

Lída completed her Teacher Training in the spring of 2022 in Prague under the guidance of the International Yoga Sport Federation led by our very own Tereza.

The popularity of the positions changes over time depending on how I feel in the positions. Standing at the top is toe stand (Padangusthasana). For a moment of calming, focus and meditation before lying down for the coveted Savasana.


I have plenty of room for improvement in spine and tendon mobility even after years of practice, the most challenging postures, even mentally, are the one legged headstand with the head at the knee and the bow on the floor.

Kopie Lida
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