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Jindřiška graduated from the Duncan Center dance conservatory, majoring in contemporary dance and choreography, and the Music Academy of Performing Arts. During her studies, she completed an internship at the Die Etage school in Berlin, where a few years later she worked as a physical theater lecturer. She is a founding member of the dance group Spitfire Company and the experimental theater group Kolonie z.s., with whom she works continuously. At the same time, she devotes herself to her own creative and choreographic work and collaborates with the artist Aleš Čermák in the Czech Republic and abroad. She was brought to Bikram yoga by her classmate from Ham and friend Markéta Vacovská.

I see practicing yoga as a means of better understanding myself. I like to work with the idea that there are no limits, but there are endless possibilities. I have such a tactic. Every position that I don't like, or that is problematic for me for some reason, I start to love. In this way, I change my attitude and the body starts to respond. After several serious injuries, I included yoga as part of rehabilitation. 

Yoga will become a part of your life. Once you start exercising regularly, you will develop the best addiction. Your body and mind are cleansed, you become more resilient, more balanced, more aware. And besides, there is still something to work on, you can still develop. Because it's not just your body that needs cleansing. It is wonderful to learn self-control and concentration - the ultimate meditation.

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