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What is my favourite position? After all these years, I don't have my favorite and least favorite positions anymore. I like all positions. Their difficulty varies. Every lesson is different, every lesson I try to practice to the fullest even if it means something completely different every day.
Right now, the most difficult position is the Grasshopper. How to lift both legs above my head, I have no idea yet, but I would love to be able to do it someday.

Jana was born in Prague and from a young age she aspired to become a ballerina. This dream did not come true and so after school, instead of working in the theatre, she started to build her career in one of the leading publishing houses in the Czech Republic. She worked in various publishing houses for more than 15 years. She was introduced to Bikram Yoga by her best friend in 2007. The first class seemed strange to her, rather funny. She didn't understand how these people could endure it in the first place, how come their arms don't fall off in Utkatasana? How could they stand not to wipe their sweat all the time? How can they enjoy it? Lots of questions: then came the second lesson, the third, the fourth, the fifth...the twentieth lesson. Finally, they don't have to worry about aerobics, the gym, or spinning. She finally found something she really enjoys.
Four years later, she went to Teacher Training in San Diego. To the amazement of all her friends, family and colleagues at work, she quit her career and has been working as an instructor and also as the director of Bikram Yoga Prague. 

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