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After her second birth, she was looking for an exercise that would help her get rid of health complications. She tried pilates, step-aerobics, zumba and several types of yoga. All helped, but she wasn't enjoying it.  Until one day she came across Bikram Yoga Prague studio right in the centre of Prague. After the first class she knew she had finally found the right kind of exercise. It was love at first Pranayama. She started practicing 1x a week, then 2x, 3x and she couldn't imagine her life without Bikram Yoga. She is raising 2 successful sports kids and Bikram Yoga is a common hobby for the whole family.

Each Bikram Yoga pose affects the body and mind, affecting the muscles, joints, breath, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, all organs and glands. It's virtually impossible to choose a favourite posture. 
It's also almost impossible to pick a least favorite position. Take the Rabbit Pose - Sasangasana. It is an extremely difficult task for a person in a sedentary job to round the spine, especially the lower part. But we are only talking about performing this position, otherwise Sasangasana immediately removes stress, revitalizes the body, and in addition, it is one of the best positions to get rid of belly fat. So, actually, is it popular? :)

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