Zuzana D.

Zuzana graduated from the Dance Conservatory of Prague. She chose Prague State Opera as her first engagement and soon became a soloist. During the five years she worked there, she danced many beautiful roles: Odetta / Odilia in Swan Lake and her dream role as Giselle in the ballet of the same name. In 2011 she was in close nomination for the Thalia Award. After the cancellation of the State Opera Ballet Ensemble, she became a demi-soloist of the National Theater Ballet. When one day a ballerina friend took her to her first Bikram yoga lesson, she had no idea how fateful it was for her. It was love at first sweat. Bikram Yoga was the cure for her aching and tired body and mind. It helped her with her hip and back pain, which has been with her since her studies, and each lesson beautifully cleaned not only her body but also her head. Having fulfilled her dance dreams, a new dream: to become Bikram Yoga instructor. In 2014, with the support of her family, she left the National Theater Ballet and went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training to fulfill her dream. As a dancer, she now works just for pleasure in the State Opera Ballet. Above all, Zuzana tries to help other people get the great feeling after each lesson, the health and psychological satisfaction that regular exercise brings to her. Her newest role in life is that of mother, for which she is very grateful and enjoys very much.

Favorite Posture

My favorite posture is triangle. It is a posture full of detail that I feel can never be done quite right. I love working with the body in detail and that's why I enjoy this posture. Moreover, I always know what shape I am in. It is really demanding and requires the involvement of the whole body. And, of course, I like it because it’s half way through the lesson.

Least Favorite Posture

My least favorite posture is Half Moon. At the beginning of the lesson, my body is still rigid, unruly and resistant. That's why I find the first long set of postures endless. On the other hand, it is a lot of time to persuade the body to cooperate and to set up my mind for the rest of the lesson.