21.6.1981, Slovenia. On the first summer day in the mountains snow fell. Extremes have been part of her life since the beginning. Although she was born in the beautiful valley of the Slovenian Alps, her first love was the sea. The world under the water has always fascinated her, so she wanted to become a diver first, later a seafarer and then a lighthouse keeper. And one day she will live by the sea. As an only child, she often fled to the fantasy worlds of books. Urša has a love of books that has survived to this day. Like the world of cinematography that she became obsessed with in adolescence. And so fatefully, after finishing her studies in grammar school, she packed her bags and went to Prague, determined to take entrance exams at the Film Academy of Performing Arts in film direction. Love and sacrifice prevailed and in 2000 she joined her dream FAMU. Under the leadership of director Jan Němec and director Věra Chytilová, she graduated from the master's degree program and is still involved in film direction today. She also discovered Bikram yoga for the first time during her studies. Back then, the studio was right behind the school building, on Karolína Světlý Street. A newly discovered and previously unsuspected obsession began immediately. In 2010, she was certified as a Bikram Yoga Teacher in San Diego. The most important thing yoga gives and teaches is to perceive the presence, power and importance of the process. It's her anchor that keeps her in reality. It's a bridge between her and the world.

Favorite Posture

Standing head to knee posture. It is one of the most difficult in the series and if you want to master it perfectly, you must first learn self-control. In addition, this posture tells you something new about yourself every day, it works as a barometer of your current physical and mental condition.

Least Favorite Posture

My least favorite posture is backward bending. While doing this posture, gradually deepening the bend, you may feel a loss of stability and control, which most of us do not like.