Tereza comes from Moravia, she studied English in Olomouc at Grammar School, followed by study at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, majoring in dance education.Parallel to the she lived in Paris, where she studied contemporary dance, she participated in many "contemporary" projects, and also featured in the cabaret Moulin Rouge.

She came to Bikram Yoga, like so many other athletes, when looking to add motion to recondition her tired body. Later Bikram Yoga helped her rehabilitate her hips after surgeries. Thanks to Bikram Yoga she quickly recovered, got back into form and also on the scene.

Since then, Tereza has been practicing daily. She practices out of necessity and dependence, in a good way: if each day you brush your teeth, you do not waste time visiting the dentist. She also found Bikram Yoga exercised helped to cure blockage of her unidriectionally overused lower back. At first Bikram helped her to extend the intervals between problems, and finally they disappeared completely. She also recovered from constant recurring lumbago in the cervical spine. The intensity of a comprehensive 90-minute workout in the heat and the intensity of the experience slowly changed her system. Dance slowly became a dynamic complement to the daily practice of static program alternating postures in a dynamic sequence involving conscious control of movement.

This cardiovascular exercise in the heat, based on perfect circulation and detoxification of all systems persuaded her to such an extent that in 2006, along with her husband, she moved back to Prague and opened the Bikram Yoga Studio Prague. Today, Tereza is still learning, raising her little daughter, and together with her team of instructors teach Bikram Yoga to a diverse clientele. Bikram Yoga has many students for decades, both beginners and advanced, who have seen beneficial results.

Favorite Posture

Bow in a standing posture has always been my favorite, but now it is also my least favorite. This posture combines flexibility and strength and demonstrates how these two relate in the form of equilibrium on one leg. I temporarily lost the flexibility in my hip due to my recent hip replacement. It‛s amazing to see how the loss of elasticity in one place in our body affects other parts and the overall balance. Simply put, it's not looking good anymore. It often happens that we are forced to start again from scratch, whether we like it or not. Working with mental or physical pain, we must move forward. In short, if you persevere and do not give up, using a mirror for adjustments, whether we like what we see in it or not, there is a change for the better. Focusing our mind stops self-pity and our bodies begin working again, responding exactly to instructions. So I am patiently looking forward to this posture again becomes my favorite.