Tamara is from South America, she studied Industrial Engineering at University in Caracas, Venezuela, the country where she was born; after that she studied Industrial Management at Harvard University in USA, the country where she started her corporate career in the Gillette Company and also where she met her Czech husband.

She continued her Corporate career in different countries in Latin-America and after getting married she moved to Prague, the city where she continued her multinational career.

Tamara discovered Bikram Yoga in Prague in 2008, after delivering two babies. Her husband, who practiced yoga during her pregnancy, took her to her first class. Since then she has practiced regularly. She found from the very beginning that those 90 minutes of the class were the only time during the day her mind was totally blank. Tamara felt by the end of every day more energy and less tiredness than she used to feel. She started to understand the real meaning of listening, doing the best she could according the instructions, hearing what the teachers were saying. Tamara found those 90-minute workout in the heat were challenging and at the same time the only moment during the day when she was really focused on what she was doing at that moment.

In the Fall of 2011, Tamara enrolled in Bikram Yoga Teaching Training in LA, under the guidance of instructor Bikram Choudhury, this is how she became a certified yoga teacher.

Today she has a yoga-oriented family, her husband practice regularly, her kids already enjoy listening to conversations about yoga. She is a strong believer that Bikram Yoga improves the body and health, also to gain energy, to improve listening skills, concentration and determination.

Favorite Posture

Akward Pose and Standing Head to knee; in both cases physically you are working very hard but also both require high and deep concentration and being present in the moment. This is the best feeling ever, being present in the moment.

Least Favorite Posture

Bow Pose, even as I have been practicing this posture for more than 2 years, the improvements are visibly very slowly, this is why this is my less favorite posture, it is challenging and with very slow improvements.