Sylvie Jedlickova

From the age of three, Sylvie devoted herself classical ballet, after nine years of ballet she decided to leave and began to dance Standard and Latin-American dances at the competition level. At the start of college it was no longer possible to dance to at such a level, so Sylvie began looking for a sport that would keep her in shape. "I first brought my mother with me to Bikram Yoga, I went there just to prove that yoga is not for me."

But Sylvie fell in love from her first lesson. She loved the whole concept completely—26 postures and two breathing exercises, heat, and especially the feeling after a lesson and a complete change of self. After two years of regular practice of Bikram yoga she participated in her first Czech yoga championship. In 2016, at her second Czech championship Sylvie was  nominated for the world championship, then  she decided to leave in the autumn of the same year to Thailand to attend the Teacher Training.

Favorite Posture:

My favorite posture is standing bow, mainly due to a sense of balance—stretching forward and backward. On one side you add less depth, lose balance and move forward only when you shoot simultaneously forward and back. Life should be balanced like this.

Least Favorite Posture:

I can not say, it is constantly changing. Sometimes it is a half moon, then salabasana, sometimes rabbit. It depends on what is happening in my outside life, it then manifests itself through a certain posture. Anyway, I can not say that I had a specific least favorite posture.