Radka started Bikram yoga ten years ago, when Michal as a new instructor lured her to her first class. She remembers the beginnings were not easy. At that time, she worked in film production, she studied remotely at the College of Special Education and a lot at the time struggled with stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

After completion of  her master's degree she decided to leave work in the production and go to California, which has always been her dream. She worked for an online company, work she could perform anywhere with an Internet connection. Of course, after some time, Radka started practicing Bikram yoga in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. At that time, she knew that her Bikram yoga will accompany the rest of her life. After a year in the USA, she moved to Copenhagen for love. The beginning in a foreign country were not easy. Radka filled her time filled yoga, studying Danish and filming commercials. Given that she is always interested in healthy approach to life, she decided to study at the famous school in New York called the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Radka spent the last two years living as a holistic health coach, organizing cooking courses, writing articles on health and healthy lifestyles in various women's magazines. This year Radka was invited to the yoga festival Prague Spirit Fest, where she will lecture on holistic approaches to health. Radka promotes these activities under the brand SimplyRadical.dk.

A year ago, Radka decided to return to her native Prague. Radka participated in the 2016 Yoga Sport Cup in May and immediately went to Bikram yoga training in India. She has been teaching in the Prague studio in July 2016.

Radka enjoys most postures, except those with the feet and hands in stretching positions. Radka has a  few practical tips: To maintain concentration I focuse only on myself in the mirror, I turn off the autopilot and listen to dialogue at 100%, I keep control of my breath the entire 90 minutes, especially in the posture of standing forehead to knee. And most importantly, I try to practice regularly, even if I do not want to. This keeps me in shape and generally feeling better, both physically and mentally. And finally the last council: Each lesson you can enjoy to the fullest, do the best you can, avoid comparing with others, no one will try to prove anything, it is only and only for you :)