Pavlína comes from Mnichovo Hradiště. She graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University (specialization: FJ-ZSV) and teaches French and Czech for foreigners as a self-employed person. She focuses mainly on adults. She teaches private clients, and also at the French Embassy and in companies. In addition, she is in charge of logistics and communication with French winemakers at Dobrá Víny.

She started Bikram Yoga in 2016 due to calf pain while running. “I have never done any racing, but I ran about 10 km calmly 5 times a week. After some time, I could not run even 3 km, or I would hurt my Achilles tendons or calves.” Therefore, she decided to stretch in the hot room. The first lesson was purgatory for her. The next day she went to the studio again, and after each lesson she felt reborn with her head cleared better than with running. The calf pains have gone completely. After 3 months she joined the Yoga Sport group where she trained for the championship and met a great bunch of friends. “When Jana came to ask me if I wanted to go to the Advanced Class, I thought it was a joke. I won't do anything! I can't reach my knee, I don't know the rope, or my leg! But she told me: It doesn't matter at all, it's about your body and where you move it. So don't worry and come and try something new!”

In April 2018, she completed her first yoga training in Antibes and in October 2018 she fulfilled her dream and went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Acapulco. “The lessons with Bikram were incredible! So much energy and commitment at age 75!” After returning to Prague, she began teaching and believes the decision to attend BYTT as one of the best she's ever made. She enjoys watching students struggle, struggle, improve, and is happy to support, motivate, praise, perhaps thanks to her “hold the posture” voice.

Favorite Posture

“I have many of them, but I would choose of Half Turtle. I like it because I can feel my shoulder girdle relaxing and stretching the entire upper half of my body. At the same time, I can breathe easily.”

Least Favorite Posture

“Probably the Grasshopper. It's in the middle of the series on the ground and I often have to fight mentally that I can't and I feel uncomfortable. My arm hurts and I still can't carry enough weight to my shoulders. When I remove my hands from under my body, I feel they are broken. But I never miss this posture because I know my body needs it all the more.”