Pavel began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2008, when, after years away, he returned to Prague and began working in an office. The sedentary mode of employment quickly began to take its toll. Pavel already had problems with his spine in childhood, and the long-term back pain was only partially solved by short-term therapies. He decided to solve the painful situation with movement, which he also focused on in childhood and adolescence. Fortunately, he chose Bikram Yoga. He loved it from the beginning and attended classes every day in the first years. After three years of intense exercise, Pavel decided to become a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. At the moment, he has adapted his exercise regime to family life. However, Pavel is increasingly aware that this is an exercise in which the therapeutic approach should be paramount, with regard to its possibilities and problems, he must devote maximum attention to all postures, with an emphasis on the weakest ones.

Most and Least Favorite Posture

It is very difficult for me to define my most and least favorite, so I prefer to avoid this type of rating. I do not like to confirm in a very common sense that I have performed this or that posture to my maximum ability, or that this posture is impossible for my body. We are all going through the stages of euphoria and resistance, what remains are emotions, and it is better to let them be and not be influenced by them.