Michal first tried Bikram Yoga in Sydney, Australia, in the spring of 2006, where he studied Multimedia. He immediately liked this form of hatha yoga and began to practice regularly. He could not imagine life without yoga and so in the autumn of the same year, when he returned to Prague, his first move was to the newly opened Bikram Yoga Prague. After several months of intensive training, he left Prague to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Hawaii (the first student from the Prague studio to do so). Since returning in June 2007, he has been teaching at our Prague studio.

Bikram Yoga helps him to strengthen his back muscles and spine and thus constantly fight his scoliosis. It forces him to be disciplined and helps him find harmony and balance in life and keep the body healthy.

Favorite Posture

My favorite posture has changed over time. It is currently the final posture of the series, the Spine Rotation posture. The posture stretches the entire spinal system, but also balances, energizes and activates the abdominal organs and digestion.

Least Favorite Posture

Half Moon has always been my least favorite. The first position of the series where my back is still very stiff from scoliosis and my muscles are very resistant. But I know I  would not be able to even attempt it without yoga.