Jindřiška graduated from the Duncan Center Dance Conservatory, majoring in contemporary dance and choreography and the Music Academy of Performing Arts. During her studies she completed an internship at the Die Etage School in Berlin, where she worked as a physical theater lecturer a few years later. She is a founding member of the dance group Spitfire Company and experimental theater group Kolonie z.s. At the same time  Jindřiška devotes herself to her own authorial and choreographic work and cooperates with the artist Aleš Čermák in the Czech Republic and abroad. She was brought to Bikram yoga by her classmate from HAMU and her friend Markéta Vacovská. She came for the first lesson exactly ten days before she left for a month to travel to Turkey. Because she does not like the heat, she came to “prepare” and get used to the high temperature. The first lesson was terribly challenging. As a dancer, she is accustomed to working to her maximum, but combined with the temperature and intensity of exercise ... Well, she sat down for almost the whole lesson, but when she came out of the yoga room, she realized that for the first time in her life that she was fully focused on her body and herself.  An incredible feeling. The next day she was back, smiling, though she was awful again :) that was her first ten days. Heat and euphoria. After returning from Turkey, there was nothing to think about. She started to practice regularly, then began working at the reception and juice bar. In spring 2014 she completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles.

Most and Least Favorite Postures
I perceive yoga as a means to better understand myself. I like working with the idea that there are no limits, but there are infinite possibilities. I have such tactics. I start to love any position that I do not like, or which is problematic for some reason. In this way I change my attitude and the body begins to react. After several serious injuries, I included yoga as part of rehabilitation. You have to accept the frustration that you suddenly are not doing what you were used to. Over time, however, the shift comes and you are one step further. At the moment, my favorite position is Standing Forehead to Knee, Grasshopper (third part), I sincerely like Savasana (especially at the end of the lesson). And most of all, I like Bows and all bends, the feeling that the spine bends and stretches until it seems that there is finally space between the vertebrae.