Since her childhood Veri has been very active and devoted to all available sports. She played chess and piano. She graduated from the High School of Nursing, Dental Laboratory, then attended the Faculty of Education, UJEP. She graduated with a qualification as a Primary School teacher, specializing in physical education. During her studies she travelled and worked in tourism for a few years.

Veri came to Bikram Yoga by chance. Her first experience with Bikram Yoga was at an open hour in the park on Kampa Island. Exercise came easily to her, so the next day she went to the studio for her first class. And there it started! The lesson was challenging and the whole world turned upside down. Discovering the most demanding sport in the world, she decided to conquer it. Over time, she joined the inspiring Yoga Sport group and started preparing for her first Czech Championship.

Veri completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the autumn of 2017 in Mexico. She deepened her yoga practice in spring 2018 with further training in France and subsequently accepted the offer of the manager of the Bikram Yoga Prague studio. She attended another intensive program under the leadership of world champions in autumn 2018 in Thailand. She has two children and is lucky that work has become a hobby for her.


Favorite Posture

I prefer more advanced postures because there are many and have several difficulty levels. I like to improve and move on. Naturally I have strength, but in the last few years I have also gained some flexibility. I love everything head down and postures on my hands. From the basic Bikram Yoga series, I prefer the Bows and the Triangle.

Least Favorite Posture

It doesn't exist. I enjoy doing what I can't. But it is true that sometimes I would like to skip my belly positions, they seem boring and slow, but at the same time I know that they are the most important ones.