Maci is a former editor-in-chief and moderator for the regional staff of TV Nova. She also acted as spokesperson for the Zlín regional police. She came to Prague from Zlín to work as a spokesperson for the Police of the Czech Republic and the police president in 2013. And she discovered Bikram Yoga! Maci originally thought yoga was a lengthy and boring exercise fit for the elderly, but after the first minutes in the hot room she realized that Bikram Yoga was about something else. She left the police after 11 years in 2016 and since then she has been engaged in PR and freelance marketing, which allowed her to practice more often.

Maci has been dancing since childhood, she loved ballet and folk dances, learned flamenco, but also worked as an instructor of Schwinn cycling and Power Plate training. But in Bikram Yoga, for the first time, she felt properly "trained" - her whole body stretched, strengthened, but certainly not tired! Maci loves food, and since her partner is an excellent chef, she has also found Bikram Yoga helps her maintain an ideal weight. She has also noticed less pain in her knees because of Bikram Yoga.

In 2019, at the age of 44,  Maci attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, which took place for the first time in Europe—in Fuente Alamo, Spain—directly under the direction of Bikram Choudhury, It was a small group of thirty-eight students from twenty-five countries, who were very fortunate that Bikram had time to devote himself to their education. That made the training more interesting, more beneficial, but also more demanding.

Favorite Posture

“When I started, I would never say it would be a Camel! I once had to force myself into it, but now I look forward to it! And not because it's almost at the end of the lesson, but because I feel great. The heart gets more space for a moment and is grateful for it.”

Least Favorite Posture

“I've been bothered for a long time in the final part of standing head-to-knee posture. It hurts and I don't see much progress, but I know it will change over time, and perhaps one day, like Camel, it will be my favorite posture.”