Jana was born in Prague and wanted to become a ballet dancer. This dream did not come true and so after school, instead of in the theater, she began to build her career in one of the leading publishing houses in the Czech Republic. She has worked in various publishing houses for more than 15 years. Her best friend in 2007 brought her to Bikram Yoga. The first lesson seemed strange, rather funny. She didn't understand how those people could endure it first, why their hands didn’t fall in Utkatasana? How can they keep on sweating? How is it entertaining? Lots of questions: Then came the second lesson, the third, fourth, fifth ... twentieth. Finally, Jana no longer had to worry about aerobics, the gym or spinning. She finally found something that she really enjoyed. Four years later she attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego. To the amazement of her friends, family and colleagues, Jana ended her career in publishing and began working as an instructor and director of the Bikram Yoga Prague studio. In April 2018 she attended another of many trainings and now she is also engaged in the advanced Yoga Sport group and participates in preparation of champions. Away from Bikram Yoga, she pursues her two small children, Emma and Jiří Eliáš.


Most and Least favorite Postures

What is my favorite posture? After these years, I no longer have a favorite. I like all postures. Their intensity changes. Every lesson is different, every lesson I try to practice to the fullest even though it means something different every day.


Least favorite

Currently Grasshopper is the most difficult for me. How to raise both legs above my head, I have no idea yet, but I would really like to know someday.