Burša graduated from the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague with a focus on physical education. She currently works at the University Sports Center as a university sports coordinator. Bikram Yoga helps her maintain her body in both mental and physical balance. A friend brought her to her first lesson when she complained about the winter. Her feelings after the first lesson were mixed, but Burša definitely warmed up to Bikram Yoga. At the same time, she found a great replacement for paragliding which she had recently stopped doing, because both paragliding and Bikram Yoga require maximum concentration (though Bikram Yoga is safer). After several years of practice, she made the best decision of her life - to complete Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles. After completing her training, she gained experience in European Studies (Germany, Serbia, Holland, Belgium). Since the beginning of 2014 Burša has been working as an instructor in the Prague studio. Bikram Yoga teaches her to perceive her own body, concentration, how to be balanced mentally and physically.

Most and Least Favorite Postures
I don't have a downright favorite or disliked posture. Each lesson (and therefore every posture) is different. It depends on the perception of the moment. There is always something to improve, and that is amazing in Bikram Yoga. Occasionally, the most difficult posture is just to go to class.