From childhood, Anička devoted herself to top-level gymnastics. In 2007, in preparation for the World Championship, she badly injured her knee. Even after a series of operations, the injury meant the end of her gymnastics career. She could never imagine that she could ever be without sport, so after two years of convalescence she tried another athletic discipline - pole vault, but her injured knee seemed to give her a signal that it was not possible.

She first came to Bikram Yoga in 2010, after her first lesson she felt the same as after demanding gymnastic training, which was such a crucial feeling for her. Anička began to practice regularly, thus discovering the benefits that Bikram Yoga offers. In 2012, she participated in her first Czech Yoga Championship, from which she was nominated for the World Championship, and a year later she took second place at the World Championship in Los Angeles. In autumn 2013, she became an instructor at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles. Anička studied at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague. She is currently teaching sports lessons for children and adults. She loves traveling, which she does often.


Most and Least Favorite Postures

Definitely Dhanurasana or bow posture on the floor. After 3 years of regular exercise, I still could not figure out the correct technique of the bow, but I have seen progress. This posture I love and hate!